The Vira - Searchable Tooltip Menu Admin Dashboard

The Vira – Searchable Tooltip Menu Admin Dashboard - is an admin template that takes its inspiration from modern web display. One of its features is when sidemenu fashion icon into the “menu text” that appears only as a tooltip. And the menu also can be searched by search menu facility, which is useful for many menu for easy searching


  • Great Side Bar Menu the vira has a sidebar menu that represents a modern user experience
  • Searchable Side Menu List by The Vira you can find the menu that you want, this much-needed facility for the menu with a lot number. eg megamenu
  • Clean Flat Design With a clean design and flat, this template does not seem complicated. but very attentive to function as a backend template
  • Bootsrap All the facilities available in order to accommodate all the features theVira can support with Bootstrapping

    I’ve used the following jQuery plugin, Fonts, Images, Icons or other files as listed.
  • jQuery — for javascript library
  • Responsive Tabs
  • Tab drop for Bootstrap
  • ACC Wizards Bootsrap
  • Bootstrap Calendar
  • Datepicker for Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap Timepicker
  • Clockface timepicker
  • Simple date/time picker component
  • Easy Pie Chart – Pie charts with the HTML5
  • Animating nice & Clean gauges.
  • Nice, downward compatible, touchable, jQuery dial
  • Easy, object oriented client side graphs
  • Flot Chart is a pure JavaScript plotting library for jQuery
  • Responsive Tables
  • An easy way of converting wide tables to Responsive
  • Foo Table is a jQuery plugin that aims to make HTML tables on smaller devices look awesome
  • Responsive Data Table
  • Colorpicker for Twitter Bootstrap
  • Color Palette for Bootstrap
  • Masked Input Plugin
  • jQuery Validate
  • Tiny wysiwyg rich text editor for Bootstrap
  • DropzoneJS is an open source library that provides drag’n’drop file uploads with image previews.
  • X Editable – library allows you to create editable elements on your page
  • Bootstrap Markdown
  • Open Sans Condensed — for Content title
  • Open Sans — for Content
  • We Love Icon Font
  • Changelog

    v1.0 – 21st Nov 2013 Initial Realease