SEO Optimized Responsive Magento Theme | Milano

Get this clean and elegant premium Magento theme and build your ecommerce store in just few clicks.

One-click installation, 24 product list view styles, unlimited colors, cloud zoom, light box and many more options will give you the ultimate freedom to tailor this theme to your preferences in just a minute. Choose between mosaic, 2 and 3 column view for the product list page, include videos and a brand image with every product to increase sales.
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Easy to customize

The Milano Premium Magento Theme is suitable for Fashion, Clothing, Fragrance, Shoes, Makeup, Accessories, Jewelry, Flowers, Sushi Food, Pizza, Cupcakes or any other type of e-commerce. The layout and CSS files are well structured and very easy to modify.

Responsive Design

The Milano Premium Magento Theme is working on all types of mobile devices and inside Facebook changing its layout to fit the space.

Clean and elegant design

The Milano Premium Magento Theme has a special Mosaic grid view option for the product list page.

Extensive features that help you to sell more

The Milano Premium Magento Theme’s product page gives you all the options to display your products in the best way. Include a product video, image gallery or custom label with every product.

Key Features

  • Choose between single column or two column with left sidebar category page mode – show your products with bigger images to convert better. This setting can be different for each category.
  • Free Blog extension included – start publishing news, articles, reviews and marketing materials without the hassle to set-up external blog. Supports also video and image galleries through the PrettyPhoto lightbox extension which is also included.
  • Revolution slider included (save $15) – Make extremely attractive banners in just few clicks
  • Unlimited colors – change them exactly as you want from the control panel
  • Mosaic grid view mode – show your products in an exciting yet elegant way to increase sales. You can choose between 3-column, 4-column or mosaic grid view mode to display your products in the perfect way. This setting can be different for each category.
  • Large image in the product page – because a picture is worth a thousand words
  • Mobile compatible – your customers will be able to browse your store with any mobile device
  • User experience
  • AJAX quick buy – quick “Add To Cart” button to buy directly from the product list page
  • New and Sale product “swipe” sliders on home page – show you the newest or sale products on the homepage
  • “New” and “Sale” labels – all the new and sale products can be labeled throughout the store
  • Custom product label – include a custom product label with every product
  • Product video – include a product video with your products to boost sales
  • Brand logo on the product page – include a brand logo with every product
  • Social share on the product page – increase the social engagement of your customers
  • AJAX add to cart – your customers don’t have to leave the page when they add a product to the cart
  • Cloud zoom on the product page – to see every detail about the product
  • Image gallery on the product page – include additional images with every product
  • “Additional information” block – show the additional attributes for the product in a separate block
  • Two customizable CMS blocks on the product page – include a sizing chart, shipping and returns information or a promotion
  • Customizable block on the cart page – include a promotion or support callout
  • Cross sales slider on the checkout page – sell additional products to boost customer value
  • “Back” view on the product list page – show an alternative photo of your product
  • “Gallery” view on the product list page – show all the colors of your products
  • Two styles of the main menu – choose the one that fits best
  • Show the category description in the main menu – include a promotion or a banner
  • Tablet swipe compatible slideshow – native feature for tablet users
  • Administration
  • Quick Start installation included – Start in just few seconds
  • One click installation – don’t spend time on it
  • Single place for all the options – control everything from a single menu
  • All options are store-view independent – set different options for every store-view
  • Upload logo/slideshow images from the control panel – you don’t need to use an FTP client to change the logo
  • Strictly Magento compatible – no core files changed, 100% upgradeable
  • Lightning fast – 100% cache compatible, JS and CSS files can be combined/minified
  • 150ms page generation and 1.5 second total pageload on Magento optimized hosting

  • Changelog

    ver. 1.3.5
  • Fixed issue with the sticky main menu on mobile devices
  • Fixed issue with grey background in up-sell and cross-sell products
  • ver. 1.3.4
  • “Sticky” main menu feature introduced
  • Bugfixes for Magento 1.8
  • ver. 1.3.2
  • Enable/disable option for the latest blog posts on homepage and custom title of the block included
  • Enable/disable option for the home link in the main menu included
  • Enable/disable option for the newsletter subscription form included
  • More vector icons included (instagram, vimeo, etc.)
  • Minor layout fixes
  • Complete file-by-file changelog included
  • ver. 1.3.1
  • Official support for Magento 1.8 including quick install package
  • Minor fixes for iOS7
  • ver. 1.3.0
  • Blog extension included
  • Fixed “quick buy” in search pages
  • Fixed search autocomplete
  • Various layout issues/bugs fixed
  • Improved caching for the slideshow module – home page generates in ~85 milliseconds
  • ver. 1.0.2
  • Translation file included
  • Revolution Slider upgraded to 3.0.8.
  • Major bugfixing
  • ver. 1.0.1
  • Minor bugfixing