Fides Responsive Bootstrap 3 Admin Template

Fides Admin is a HTML/CSS/JS framework that has a modern flat design with lots of components, widgets and elements that can be used to create clean, responsive, fast-loading and intuitive web apps. Fides includes (for now) 6 color schemes that can be easily modified. The layout can be full width or boxed. You can create new styles by editing only a few lines of CSS. The clean, modern Fides user interface comes with a great user experience across browsers from Internet Explorer 8 to the latest version of Google Chrome and across multiple devices, including tables, phones and desktops. The CSS3 features degrade gracefully for older browser versions. Fides Admin uses Bootstrap 3, JQuery 1.10.2, JQuery UI 1.10.3 and up to date versions for any other plugin included. For support requests please read our documentation to see the available support channels (forum, email, helpdesk).

Customers testimonials

Version 1.1 – 31 October 2013

New features

Wizard – view
WYSIWYG textareas – view
Image cropper – view
Multifile uploader – view
Dropzone uploader – view
Google maps – view
Vector maps – view
Forms input masks – view
Full width calendar – view
Input Knobs – view
Youtube like loading bar – view
Enable/Disable theme animations Page left information bar